There had been a lot of understanding that had developed because of differences in cultural relations. This may had started way back the olden times where civilizations were at war with each other. Now, Egypt seems to go side by side with countless headlines about terrorist attacks, tourist killings, red tape and all the political turmoil had been thrown in this one promising country. However, what sets Egypt unique from all of the other countries is its diverse geographical landscape. This makes it a chosen tourist destination anytime of the year. After all, Egypt has it all.

Egypt has been the talk of the town because of its great sea and land adventures. Fashion fans are always welcome in this country featuring up and coming designers. It is a home of valuable civilization treasure and the museums are a place to feast on with ideas and information from before. With that said, Egypt has slowly gaining its popularity through tourism and not through the political uproar that had happened through all these years.

Apart from great sightings, Egypt takes pride as well with its people who had been generous enough to offer hospitality to the tourists both local and foreign. This is the main reason why it has been hailed as the most traveler-friendly country in the whole world by Lonely Planet. With that said, it is worth giving this country a try. You may celebrate your birthday here or give way to a sweet anniversary gift to your spouse in this mystical country. You would not regret it.

This site is dedicated to giving you all you need to know about Egypt. This would include a brief background about the country, how to get to the country and of course, the travel hotspots that you cannot wait to see.