Egypt.Giza.Sphinx.02With an area of 1,001,450 sq km, Egypt is located at the northeastern corner of Africa. Most part of the country is covered by the Lybian dessert, making most of Egypt which is a dry and subtropical area. On the other hand, the southern part of Egypt is tropical. Almost 90% of the people in Egypt are Islam and the largest sector is the Sunnist. Eight percent goes to the Orthodox churches.

Dated back almost 5000 years ago, Egypt has been known to have the oldest recorded history in western civilization. This is also the reason why you can find so many historic tourist spots in Egypt. As they say, Egypt is one the oldest yet modern countries in the world. There could be so many sights that you would want to visit while you wander in Egypt. Name it, from the most historic sites to the most recent discoveries of ancient times, and even the newly discovered tombs. The deserts and the waterways, you just have to get on that plane and go visit Egypt to see it for yourself. The monuments in Egypt are breath-taking and the scenic views are worthwhile.

That is also one of the reasons why tourists keep coming back to the place. The most sought-after tourist attraction is the Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Who would miss the most famous pyramid in Egypt? After all, the oldest and the largest among the three pyramids in Egypt. The pyramid has also brought to the world wonders and questions about known ancient aliens.

Known as the Valley of Kings and Queens, you would not want to miss the west bank at Luxor. Surely, you have heard of Egypt’s great tombs where not only the ancient kings and queens were buried but also their families including the people who served them. Meanwhile, the place of Abu Simbel is located in Nubia in southern Egypt. It isn’t that easy to get there, but the effort sure is worth it. The temple was built during the regime of Ramses II. The structures were carved directly into the cliffs.

One of the most amazing things about Egypt is the medical history related to the cultures. In Egypt different types of medicine were practiced including surgery and anesthesia. While they didn’t have as broad of an understanding of medicine as we do today, many basic illnesses were treated. United Medical Education has helped us gain a deeper understanding of exactly what medicine was available in Egypt. While United Medical Education focuses on teaching ACLS certification online along with PALS certification and BLS certification, they also help spread important news and health related facts for people’s learning pleasure.

You might want to check as well the world’s largest collection of Egyptian artifacts at the Egyptian museum, located in Cairo. You could also check one of Egypt’s most famous Pharaoh, Ramses II in one of the exhibits in the museum. Ranging almost over a hundred thousand items, one day could be enough to check everything out. The famous Mount Sinai of the Bible is also located in Egypt. If you’ve heard about the Bible’s burning bush and the well where Moses met his wife, take a tour at Mt. Sinai. You can rent a camel to climb or you can climb it with your bare foot. You can also watch the sunrise from above the peak, which could really be magically perfect.

Temples and some amphitheaters can also be found along the climb. There are more places in Egypt that you could think of. A week’s vacation might not even be long enough if you’re planning on visiting all the sights in Egypt. It definitely is worth the tour.