When traveling to Egypt it’s important to always consider your personal healthcare needs. Being aware of emergency medical services available and who to call can result in saving your life. While there are basic needs that need to be met on a regular basis, such as staying fed and well hydrated, you still should plan for the worst.

Medical facilities are not all the same across the world. Egypt, while it has some advanced care, still has a great deal of progress to be made in their development of a healthcare system. United Medical Education (UME) along with the American Heart Association (AHA) have been working to train and educate those within the country. By providing services and education online for free there is steady progress within the country and their development of emergency medical activation systems.

United Medical Education has taken the lead on being actively involved in providing free online certification and training in the area. As a humanitarian effort, they have been working closely with doctors and other healthcare providers to stay up to date on the most current algorithms and guidelines.

Other systems and equipment still need to be integrated into their healthcare to bring it up to speed in comparison to other first world countries, but undeniable progress is being made.

When traveling to Egypt make sure you have the contact information of the emergency medical services on hand. You should always have a functioning cell phone in the area. Be careful of the food and water that you consume. Always make sure you have an extra water bottle to protect yourself from heat stroke.

Egypt has a rather rough environment that requires proper planning. If you make the effort to prepare appropriately you will be able to travel the country safely and without worry.

When I travel to Egypt I always plan my stay near a medical facility or hospital. I speak with locals and discover where the local pharmacies sell my needed medications and daily needs. If you follow these same principles you’ll not only enjoy your experience much more but you’ll also be much more comfortable during your stay.