Planning your trip in Egypt is very important. You do not want to run in on something unexpected before, during and after the trip. We all want our own dose of good surprises while we travel. On that note, it is best that we know our travel destination and know how to go about going there.

Considered as a fairly easy to get into, Egypt’s economy is rather dependent on tourist money. Since the economy heavily resides on tourism, the government had made it possible for almost any nationality to get through the country without much hassle or inconvenience. If necessary, there should be no difficulty getting an Egyptian visa. There are three kinds of Egyptian visa that you should be acquainted to. If there are any other purposes apart from just travel and tourism like working or studying, then the entry visa is required for the completion of the residence process in Egypt. This kind of visa you can get from Egyptian diplomatic and consular missions abroad or from the Entry Visa Department at the Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration (TDINA). If the sole purpose of entry is tourism, tourist visa is for you. In rare cases, transit visa is needed by certain nationalities. All non-Egyptian tourists should show a valid passport while travelling.

There are many point of entry once you get to this country. The most popular route is through the plane. The chief entry point and the center of the national carrier, Egyptair, Cairo International Airport is at the heart of Egypt. Home to an increasing number of international and charter flights, the Luxor International Airport could be another entry point. Meanwhile, these international airports like Hurghada International Airport, Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport, Marsa Alam International Airport and Burg Al-Arab International Airport receive a number of charter flights.

Travelling to Egypt could get a little adventurous by boat. Though there are no ferry services from Europe to Egypt, it is available through Middle Eastern and African countries. If you are travelling from Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, then you may opt to travel by boat. The schedule of the ferry travel may vary depending on the weather and the time of the year. Ferry times can vary according to the time of year and weather.

If you want to travel via land, it is very much possible. You can get through the bus routes via Israel specifically in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. There is also a direct bus route offered by Jordanian state bus company, JETT. There is a choice of travelling land through a private car. Gas is significantly cheaper at $1.50 per gallon but traffic may be the biggest challenge as traffic laws are not observed religiously.

Among all the routes on which you could travel to Egypt, air travel is the most favorable and probably the easiest. However, it would still be up to you on which you type of travel you are most comfortable to you in getting to Egypt.