Egypt had been the oldest modern country that has been in existence. There could be so many reasons why so many people wanted to visit the place. From its pyramids to the rivers and mountains, Egypt is known to be the places where stories can be told and mysteries can be unraveled. Aside from exploring the beauty of Egypt and admiring the beautiful places like, the Valley of the Kings, the Red sea, the ancient Islamic Cairo, the temples at Luxor, the Mount Sinai, and many more. Egypt can be a place of total adventure where in you can do so much more.

If you’re hungry for adventure, you can sign up for a desert safari trip and explore a mile after mile of the sand adventure. There are different ways to take the trip. If you want to admire the place and take it slow, then you have the option to ride the camel instead. If you want to give yourself a little adrenaline, go for the 4×4 ride on the dunes. You can also do a squad biking and leave a trail if you want to. Whichever way you want, the desert safari trip is not an option to be missed while in Egypt.

For a bit relaxed adventure, crossing the Nile River could be a good way to do it. Experience the breeze and be hypnotized by the beauty that the river can bring. Only in Egypt that you get to experience cruising the Nile in one of Egypt’s traditional sailing boats. If you prefer to sail through the orange sky light, then sail during the sunset. As you travel through the famous valley you would be able to pass the time wrap villages. Nile’s a real beauty worth experiencing.

We’ve already walked the land trip at the desert, after then a tour through the water valleys of Egypt. Now it’s time to take a detour up above the sky and experience a once in a life time moment by watching the sun rise over the horizon by getting into an early morning hot air balloon ride. Get lost at the moment while watching the temples, monuments, and the ruins up above the sky. There could be nothing more beautiful than watching the biggest out-door museum from up above the ground.

Enough with all the side trips, let’s take a detour and experience the Egyptian life by taking a glimpse of how they go about life. Hurghada’s downtown area known as El Dahar, the home of the fish markets in Egypt, the old harbor and the traditional shops, also known as the original fishing village. The place is huge that you might get lost or would not even know where to start, so just try to enjoy the diversity of shops and the lifestyle in Egypt. This is surely worth a side trip.

These are just one of the few things you can do while in Egypt. But there surely is more to this historic place. If you’re planning on travelling, make sure that you check all the things you can possibly do or places you would probably visit in Egypt. You sure don’t want to miss anything especially the one’s listed above.