Africa_egyptAmidst the political turmoil, terrorist attacks and the overall impact that this caused, Egypt remains to be a major tourist destination. There are a several reasons behind travelling to this mystical country. Home of the Great Pyramids, Egypt has a lot to offer in terms of scenic spots. You are in a major sightseeing adventure once you are in this country.

You would never get enough of the wonderful places that you can visit while in Egypt. Enjoying the collaboration of modern and ancient, you can visit the aforementioned Great Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and the Great Sphinx. Nile Cruises are always available to get you around the area wherein it features the Old Egypt. Perhaps the most surprising visit would be in Alexandria. It is a famous hotspot. You may want to check to get more of sun and sand by experiencing the awe-inspiring cities of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Snorkeling, windsurfing and diving are a must try while visiting in any of these places. If you are leaning more to diving, it is best to visit first Hurghada as it houses rare colored reefs and amazing marine life.

Favorites such as Luxor and Aswan are attracting millions of tourists every year. Known to be the world’s largest open-air museum, Luxor offers the famous spots of Karnak, Luxor Temples and the Valley of the Kings & Queens. Best visited during the winter, Aswan gives you the Nubian Museum, Elephantine Island and the Queen Hatshepsut’s unfinished Obellisk.

A nice blend of civilizations, Egypt hosts these all. This is the main reason the architectural flair in different structures in Egypt seems to be varied. A piece of each of the great civilizations like Ottomans, Arabs, Romans, Greeks, Mamluks, Nubians, Persians and Copts are identified throughout the country.

The thing most people miss out in why they should be visiting Egypt is that it can be travelled to anytime, year-round. There are certain countries that are best travelled to in a specific season. There is always a major place to visit during any season of the year. For instance, during summer, it is best recommended to go the Red Sea Resorts of Hurghada or the Mediterranean coast of Alexandria which are ideal sports for spending your summer. When winter comes, you could do Nile River cruises. Since there is a very unique and geographical composition of the country, it is enjoyable anytime, regardless of the season it is in.

The underrated fashion industry in Egypt is worth mentioning as well. Unique jewelry and great finds can be purchased from any of these shops: Hip Boutique, Lalloushi, Villa Babushka, Amuse and Mounaya. It is best to check first the First Mall for new finds.

The most notable reason why you should visit Egypt is its people. Egyptians’ sense of humor and hospitality makes them easy to get along to. They are also cheerful and truthful. These defining characteristics make the country the most traveler-friendly country in North Africa and the Middle East according to the Lonely Planet.